fighting frizz (and finding thickness)

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Fighting frizz is a constant battle.  Smoothing products tend to weigh my hair down and leave it lifeless, and after my stint with platinum hair I’m scared to go near a straightener (Helloooo more breakage).   So can you believe I found a straightener that is good for your hair and also some products that end frizz yet thicken my hair?  Read on my friends…. read on….

Ferrum Professional Styler — This isn’t your normal straightener.  It’s made with one ceramic plate and one fabric plate that adds shine and volume, and it’s less damaging than your typical flat-iron.  I must mention, you’re not going to get stick straight locks that you would with a regular iron.  You’ll have more volume so it will look more like you had a blow out and less like you used a straightener.

Frizz Dismiss products — I get sent quite a lot of hair products, but because I’m picky most will never make it to the blog.  After using Redken’s Frizz Dismiss shampoo, conditioner, and smooth force I can say not only did I not have frizz, my hair seemed THICKER then it otherwise would be.  That’s something I never say when it comes to products that prevent frizz.  It’s also very moisturizing and it doesn’t leave my hair oily, which helps if you’re wanting to make your blow out last longer.

Have you tried these products?  Let me know what you think in the comments!

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