what to wear with platinum hair

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boohoo red maxi dress

Going platinum blonde isn’t the easiest thing to do.  It’s expensive, damaging, and takes effort.  Also one thing I never took into consideration is that it would influence the way I dress.

Being white blonde means that many patterns and colors I would normally wear look terrible on me.  I found that I’ve had to go back to the basics.  Hair color this extreme, demands a simple color palette.  One color I’ve really enjoyed wearing is solid red.  I now know why so many old bombshell blondes wore red.  Because it’s one of the only colors they looked good in!

Currently, I’m transitioning back to highlighted blonde instead of solid white blonde.  I will totally miss my bright white locks but definitely not the hair breakage.  Hopefully one day I’ll try it out again…

Style note — This red dress is perfect for a night out or paired with sandals like I did here.   It’s also completely affordable too!  Shop the look below or click here.

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