sometimes you just need a little help

As a fashion blogger there are plenty of pieces of clothing that I don’t get to wear, are ready for a new home, or never make the blog.  I tend to spend a lot of time on ebay trying to clear out my old inventory one piece at a time.  Unfortunately it takes a lot of effort and I usually don’t have enough time to get everything put up for sale.  Times like this are where an assistant would really come in hand.

That’s were Lifesquire comes in.  They specialize in personal assistants and business organization services to help the busy individual or company get things accomplished when there’s just not enough time.  In my case, Lifesquire helped me get all my pieces organized, listed, and sold on ebay, Poshmark, and Instagram.  Not only saving me time but also making me back some money.  Maybe you’re in need of some organization at home or you just need someone to sit at your house waiting for the repairman —  Lifesquire can help.  They can even walk your dog!

For me with fall fashion and plenty of projects coming up, now is the time to get organized and I’m so happy to have Lifesquire’s help.  Have you ever used a personal assistant service?  Let me know in the comments!

Here’s a peek at what’s for sale in my AiW closet.  Shop on Instagram shop here.

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