to wear shorts or not to wear shorts

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black gladiator sandals summer style Plaza District Oklahoma City pleione sleeveless top

I used to be very anti-shorts.  That is until the last couple of years.  First of all, shorts became fashionable again and secondly when it hits about mid-July they are totally necessary.

We have entered the it’s-so-hot-I-wish-I-could-walk-around-naked time of year… ok not really.  Actually August will probably be warmer but let’s not think about that, instead I’ll focus on how much I really like this top.  It could be worn with dress pants to work or with denim shorts like I’m sporting here.  I really also like it with white jeans.

This weekend I wore them with my favorite shorts and explored the city.  The hubby and I hit up the Plaza District and checked out all the new shops, and stopped by Oak & Ore for a much needed drink… and hid from the heat.

Hope you had a great weekend!