Hide and go seek

tile apptilesthe tile app
Mornings are very stressful for me — I’ve never been a morning person and I NEVER will be.  As a fashion lover, I tend to switch up my bag game throughout the week.  Which leads me to forgetting where my wallet is or not even noticing that I don’t have it!  That is, until I try to pay for my morning coffee…

…I think my groggy morning brain is in need of a little assistant.

Tile is a small device that syncs with your iphone or android phone to help you track down those items you can’t find.  For me, that would be my wallet.  I just place the Tile in my wallet and the app automatically records the last place your phone saw your Tile.  The bluetooth signal helps you track down your Tile, while playing a distinctive melody.  So for me it’s a little bit like playing musical handbags.  Or for those times when I’ve gone to Barre3 and only took my wallet and keys… and then promptly left both behind in my car.

With Father’s Day around the corner this little tool would make the perfect gift.   Use my coupon code TDAlly15 to receive $5.00 off the 4, 8 and 12 packs until Father’s Day.  Maybe your dad needs a wallet finder too!


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