“You’re sweet and sincere, but so ruled by fear”

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Yumi Kim red maxi Red Maxi dress Yumi Kim maxi dress red red maxi dress Yumi Kimred floral dressfloral maxi dress yumi kim red maxi dressFrom this post, it’s probably hard to imagine I used to never wear prints like this.  

I’m drawn to very monochromatic looks and design, however it can be boring.  This year is about getting OUT of my comfort zone.  I’ve taken on projects and trips that my anxious self would have never done before.  I’m a worrier and nervous nelly who’s decided to relax and get happy.  Now it’s not that I wasn’t happy before — I just was more reserved.

When I wear this dress, there’s no where to hide.  It’s bold, bright, and beautiful and will be perfect for the summer time.  Speaking of the summer, I can’t wait to wear this dress with a giant beach hat.  I’ve had my eye on this one because it’s big enough that it covers your face, but not so big that you can’t see.

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(title — lyric from Big Decisions by My Morning Jacket)

Outfit details /// Yumi Kim Enchanted Dress c/o /// French Connection tassel necklace c/o /// Zara wedges /// Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil — in zinfandel /// click below to shop the look!