Things aren’t always black and white…

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Things aren’t always black and white.

Blogging is a very funny business.  I feel like as a group we (as bloggers) get looked down upon because most of our content is just photos of ourselves.  My favorite comment OF ALL TIME happened when I mentioned that I was a fashion blogger at a wine dinner.   Now keep in mind this was after about 4 glasses of wine, which is usually the amount required before I feel comfortable talking about it.  After hearing what I had said, someone responded with “you’re not one of those a$$&*%@$ who takes photos of themselves, are you?”

…. pause for effect ….

After a very large gulp of wine, I answered their pithy question. “Yep.  I’m one of those a$$&*%@$.”

Now I don’t blame people for initially feeling that way about bloggers since we’re always portraying that our lives are just perfection, when they really aren’t.  I do feel extremely lucky to be doing what I do, but most days I’m operating on only a couple hours of sleep and trying to remember what day it is.  I’ve actually thought about sharing some of my ridiculous stories.  Would you be interested in hearing them?  There is one about the guy who was obsessed with me wearing turtlenecks.  But maybe that one should just stay buried…

Let’s move onto the important part – the outfit!

I’m just loving Yumi Kim‘s bright fun prints, like this dress I featured last month.  While I’m trying to branch out and wear more color, my heart will alway be true to all things black and white.  This dress features that favorite palette of mine popped with just a hint of color.  Shop this print in her other styles here and shop this outfit below!

Outfit Details /// Yumi Kim Sweet Talker Dress c/o /// Karen Walker Super Duper Strength sunglasses /// Jeffrey Campbell heels (sold out see below) /// Clare V white perforated clutch /// Lipstick — NARS matte velvet lip pencil in dragon girl /// click on the pics below to shop!

  • Amy Ann

    Oh girl, I totally relate. I always debate about sharing real life on my blog but then figure most of the time people just want the pictures and the outfit info. If you are ever in Tulsa, I’d love to swap stories. 🙂

    Loving this outfit. Your photos are always so beautiful. I swoon over your Instagram feed.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    • Ally

      Hi Amy!

      I know, I feel like usually people just want to see what you put together. That along with being a private person made me just really stop saying anything but I think that’s about to change 🙂

      I would love to meet up! I’ll have to get to Tulsa sometime. I love that city!

      Talk soon, XO A

  • Personally.. I love when other bloggers sell personal stories. It makes them more relatable, and kind of kills that “asshole bloggers” mentality IMO. Plus, it makes it easier for your readers to relate/comment on. Instead of being all like, “OMG, I love your dress, too cute!”

    Because if you get personal and share a story about crazy pitches, we could reply with.. Last week I got a pitch about “Southern Girl” dolls for my little girl. I don’t know if they missed the “I’m Gay Post” or if i just look like a dad.

    Josh – The Kentucky Gent

    • Ally

      Haha, well maybe they thought you wanted the doll! Someone thought I wanted a singing toilette seat one time… I swear we all get the most random pitches sometimes.

      I’m trying to get more personal but it’s just so hard for me. It’s just not the way I grew up, but I’m working on the being more open part. I certain enjoy reading others who are… like you!

      XO Ally

  • Oh my. So awkward.

    I can totally relate. I’m always hesistant / sheepish about even bringing it up around certain people, because they just don’t get it!

    You look super cute, as always, friend.


    • Ally

      Thank you Carrie! Your positivity is always infectious!
      And yes, most people (especially in this area of the country) just don’t get it.

      XO A

  • As a new blogger, I’ve been trying to get more comfortable with talking about blogging. It’s encouraging to see that I’m not alone and a veteran blogger can have trouble sharing too!!

    This dress is stunning!! I love the colors and the shape is so flattering!


    • Ally

      Thanks Kara, it’s a really fun and easy dress!

      Even though our generation is suppose to be the most vain and narcissistic ever, I really don’t think most people feel comfortable with the spotlight on them. I sure don’t!

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  • Love this girlfriend! I had a family member tell me Fashion Bloggers are just wanna be models! Mmmmmk! I love personal stories! We need to set a wine date !

    The Styled Wife

    • Ally

      Monica, another common one is that Fashion Bloggers are girls who are too short to model. haha, that’s probably my favorite! I’m certainly no model, even if I was taller. I just love discussing fashion!

      Xo Ally

  • Love the black & white dress! & yes, totally feel for ya about the “taking pictures of yourself” thing. I honestly don’t like taking photos of just me most of the time! I almost thought about styling my sister and taking photos of her wearing the clothes because I feel more comfortable behind the scenes!
    xx Amanda

    • Ally

      Hi Amanda,
      I would love to style shoots like that — maybe I need to borrow your sister haha!
      I’m pretty shy about blogging but my goal was to come out of my shell this year. I’m working on it 😉
      XO Ally

  • Thanks for sharing the events that took place at the wine dinner. Blogging takes a lot of time and effort but it’s a way to express ourselves. Yes we put ourselves “out there” to share what we have to say or show in hopes of positive feedback but sometimes it becomes criticism. As a blog reader I appreciate your time and effort and find it to be an escape from an imperfect world. So THANKS for sharing your blog.

    The dress is amazing and it looks stunning on you. Love the pop of color from the red heels.

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