dreaming of my dream home

modern decor ideas modern traditional decor sofa from BD HomeI have home decor fever.

The funny thing is that with our crazy schedule, it seems we don’t spend much time at home.  When we are home we’re usually too busy working to enjoy the house.  Nevertheless, I’ve been in a mental nesting mood.   I’m always saying, “in our next house” we’ll do this or that.  It has really made me realize that I just need to slow down, get organized, and love the space I’m currently in.

We’ll talk about the organization part later and focus on the decor part for now…

My design style is modern with a touch of vintage and a dash of traditional.  I want to be comfortable yet stylish with mostly a black and white palette.  (You’re shocked, right? Haha.)   Fortunately, nearby is BD Home a contemporary furniture store where every piece is treated like a work of art.

While we’re not in the market for a sofa, our little Roxy has been in need of a new bed and I think she might have found just what she looking for…

fatboy marimekko dog bed

I think she’s in love!

I’ll keep collecting dream house ideas and continue to update you on the steps I’m taking to get more organized.  Until then, cheers and have a great weekend — XO A

Fatboy dog bed available at BD Home.