switching up your jewelry routine | dainty gold jewelry is in for spring

dainty gold jewelry

Picture above /// Gorjana Elle collar necklace /// Gorjana Knox bracelet /// Jules Smith Abstract pearl ring

While big and bold jewelry will always be a favorite of mine, it’s fun to change things up sometimes.  Thin gold dainty necklaces are making a comeback right now.  It’s time to ditch the statement jewels and focus on simple and romantic pieces.  The necklace above looks very unassuming but it’s quite complex!  It can be worn forwards or backwards.  I plan on wearing it backwards with a strapless dress so you can see the chains hanging down my back.  How fun is that!

Will you be wearing these gold and dainty details?  Or do you prefer thicker pieces?  Let me know in the comments! 

Here are some other pieces you’re sure to love and they’re all under $100.