no pain no gain, isn’t always true

sole serum

I have many favorite pairs of shoes but the ones I cherish most are my wedding shoes.

For my wedding, I wanted to go with something classic and a shoe I would actually wear again.  I fell in love with this pair of nude platform Christian Louboutin’s.  And they were comfortable… at first.  Being platforms I assumed I could wear them all night long without a problem but I discovered that wasn’t the case.

I used to put band-aids on the sides of my foot to make it a bit cushier, but that solution would never last long.  Thankfully I’ve found something easier.  Sole Serum is a product that you smooth onto where you would typically experience foot pain, wait 60 seconds to dry, then slip on your shoes and go about your day.  It has lidocaine and natural oils that safely relieve foot pain and reduce inflammation.  Also it comes in a cute travel size bottle that is perfect for carrying in your bag, just in case you need more.  Also, AiW readers get 15% off with code ‘Wonderland’ at checkout.

Have you tried Sole Serum?  I would love to know what you think!