New Balance becomes fashionable

I’ve almost always been against wearing running shoes with jeans.  The look to me screams “tourist” or “I’ve given up on life.”  Shockingly I’ve been reconsidering this stance.   It’s probably because there have been some really cute sneakers on the market that have caught my attention.

I especially love these retro looking New Balance trainers.  It looks like I’m going to have to change my ways.  I blame my Converse All Stars as the gateway shoes….

colorful New Balance styles


From the top left, clockwise:

1) NEW BALANCE FOR J.CREW 620 (GOLD)  ///  2) NEW BALANCE FOR J.CREW 620 (RED, NAVY, PINK)  ///  3) New Balance + Kate Spade Saturday WX811 (BLUE, YELLOW, RED)  ///  4) NEW BALANCE FOR J.CREW 620 (TAN, RED) ///  5)  New Balance 696 Metallic Leather (BLACK, WHITE)  ///  6) New Balance + Kate Spade Saturday WX711 (BRIGHT YELLOW)  ///  7) New Balance 696 Metallic Detailed Leather (BLUE, TAN)  ///  8) New Balance 620 Suede & Woven Trainer (BLUE, PINK, PURPLE)