adventures on land and sea

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”

– Saint Augustine

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Paracas was an adventure. 

I’ll be honest, when I first heard of Paracas I knew nothing about it.  After a bit of research and a Pinterest search, I primarily associated it with the famous ‘Candelabra’ markings in the sand.  Archaeologists don’t know when the design was carved but they have dated pottery in the area to around 200 B.C.  Some even believe it to be related to the Nazca lines, which is another famous site in Peru.  Whatever the case, just being in the presence of something so old yet unchanged makes one appreciate all the mysterious history in the region.

Paracas is also home to Peru’s only marine reserve, most notably the Ballestas islands located a short boat ride from the bay.  Thousands of tourists come every year to visit the amazing wildlife that call these islands home.  Aside from the sea lions, seals, and aquatic life its most famous residents are the many varieties of guano producing birds.  This high quality fertilizer was once the source of millions of dollars worth of international export.  Now that the island is part of the marine reserve it is only collected and used domestically every few years.  While it was fascinating to learn all of this on the boat tour, I was really just interested in the adorable nonflying variety of birds on the islands (hello darling penguins).  For those who know me I’m kind of obsessed with the little guys!  

Once we were back on land it was straight to the pool for a few hours of cocktails and sun.  After a full day of sweat and adventure I knew I had to dress it up for dinner.  Thankfully I had just the piece from one of my favorite designers.  The second I saw this Mara Hoffman dress I knew I would be wearing it on our trip.  Mara’s bright prints remind me of the colorful patterns Peru is known for.  I couldn’t wait to wear it against the stark desert contrast of the coast .  Being our last night in Paracas I also thought it was the perfect way of saying goodbye.

Photos taken at the Hotel Paracas.  

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