what it’s like to go on a cleanse

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So you’re thinking about going on a cleanse…

Cleansing has become such a buzzword lately.  I’ve always wondered if I could do it and forego solid food for more than a day.  Last week I talked a bit about my body battles so this time I’ll be talking about my food battles.  I’m a sweet-tooth-a-holic.  During most meals I’m already thinking about what’s for dessert.  I love chocolate, I love cookies, I love doughnuts.  What I have never loved is nature’s version of dessert — fruit.

After a very delicious Christmas and a boozy New Year it was time for me to get my body back on track.  I reached out to Organic Squeeze in Nichols Hills Plaza and said sign me up!  If you follow me on twitter you know how nervous I was about doing this.  Especially going off caffeine..

…this girl loves her coffee.

The day before I started my 2 day cleanse I had to pick up all my neatly arranged bottles.  The flavors sounded pretty good and I was already a fan of their smoothies so I knew that taste wouldn’t be an issue.  I just figured I would be starving all day.  Surprisingly this was not the case.  I was shocked at how full I felt all day long!  They were so filling that I sometimes struggled to finish every drop.  It was equally surprising that I wasn’t tired and was even strangely focused.  The only downfall was an awful headache that cropped up around 5 pm on the first day of the cleanse.  I felt a bit dizzy and my head was throbbing.  This was the dreaded caffeine withdrawal headache I’d heard about and it was no joke.  The next morning when I felt it creeping up again I drank a 1/2 cup of coffee and was immediately back to normal.  I guess I’m addicted to coffee.

Cleanses make all kinds of claims from detoxifying the body to reseting your digestive system.  While I can’t say that it did any of those, I can tell you the positive effect it had on me.  It reminded me to be more conscious of what I put into my body.  Afterwards I honestly missed the juice!  My favorite flavors were formula #3 which I can best describe as a delicious salad with a hint of bell pepper and formula #6 which was like a creamy milkshake.

After going into this being extremely skeptical, and a bit nervous, I can say 100% that I would do it again.  I might even look forward to it.  If you’re looking for a way to get healthy after the holidays I completely recommend an OrganicTrim cleanse from Organic Squeeze.  I did it for 2 days but next time I would definitely opt for 3.

Have you gone on a cleanse before?  I would love to hear your experience!
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Juice provided by Organic Squeeze, opinion is my own.
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