black and white beach

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Black and white at the beach… 

Over the past few days in Peru we’ve settled nicely into beach life.  Being near the equator the sun tends to wake you up pretty early.  It’s doubly true when white paint is the primary color of every home in our community.  Even with blinds on my window it still comes shinning through and demanding that you get up.  Oh well, I guess it just means I can lay out by the pool longer!

With so much white adorning the walls I thought what better way to complement the motif than to join in by wearing some white denim shorts. Of course if I only wore all white then I might just disappear into the background so I had to mix it up with something else.  Why not black!  By now you all know how much I adore pairing black and white pieces so I grabbed a black tee and sandals along with my trusty black and white stripped hat.  I also mixed in some gold pieces from Gorjana along the my requisite beach tote because accessories are necessities, even at the beach.

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