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Right now marks the start of fashion week and it’s also the week where I get major FOMO.  I’ve been lucky enough to have attended fashion week and some incredible shows, most notably one where I got yelled at by the famous Kelly Cutrone.  “You!  Girl in the pink shirt!  Yes, you!  Move over here.  Second row.”  I’ve never been so happy to be yelled at by someone!

Where the fear of missing out comes from, is that I’m never quite sure if it’s worth it to attend.  While blogging seems effortless, most of it is spent in front of a computer screen… not gallivanting about.  So in my #bosslady brain, I’m just not sure if it’s worth it.  And frankly, it doesn’t seem like you all care about it…

Or do you?

As an absolute lover of fashion (I was reading Vogue and memorizing designers at 12 years old) I really actually love the business of fashion.  But do you care about fashion week?  Does it interest you?

As I grow AiW, I want to continue to make content that interests you.  After all I wouldn’t be here without you!

And to get mushy for a minute, I can’t explain how grateful I am that I get to do what I love doing.  Last year I finally took the jump into full-time blogging and it was the scariest thing I’ve ever done.  I’m so thankful for your support! So let me ask again… fashion week… yay or nay?  

Let me just say IF I was there, this is the outfit I would be wearing.  Shop this off-the-shoulder dress (like yesterday’s) and this AMAZING bag below…

Bag c/o Zac Posen

  • Tami

    Beautiful look….love the coat, dress….ALL! 🙂

  • Natali

    Your bag is so unique, one of the most interesting cognac accessories I’ve seen in a while!
    I like the way you’ve styled this outfit, you’re looking great!

  • Nancy Nagy

    Of course I care!

  • Emily Lunstroth

    I do and I don’t! I’ve never been so seeing it on social media is still kinda fun but on the other hand my feed is just FULL of the same things!

  • sarah

    I love NYFW! it’s exciting and inspiring. Great outfit today.

  • Yeah, so many mixed feelings about it from a business perspective. One part of why I’m sitting it out this season too…


  • Torn on the whole thing too. Especially now since it’s so blogger heavy it feels like it’s no longer what it used to be. Instead it’s a who’s who and who’s where sort of thing. Too much showy and it’s stressful!

    PS this outfit is perfection. I’m in need of a great coat like this!

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

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