thinking and dreaming

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I’m going to get a little deep today.  And it doesn’t involve the water…

Last summer I saw this For Love & Lemons dress on my Pinterest and instantly fell in love with it.  “But where will I wear it?”  I thought.   Who cares!  Fashion for me MAKES the experience.  No matter what myself or anyone says, always dress for yourself.

Wear what makes you happy.  

Wearing this dress on the beach with flowers on my head, admittedly, made me a bit of a walking cliché… but I didn’t care.  I was busy having my Hawaiian girl moment.  After my husband took these shots a photographer came and took a group photo of us, my parents, and grandparents.  The people who I love the most were also having their own dreamy beach moment.  Even my mom put flowers in her hair!

Do what makes you happy.

If you take anything away from this blog, take the message above.  That’s all I ask.  Being surrounded by my family during this trip, it reminded me how important happiness is and how grateful we forget to be sometimes.  So if wearing crocs makes you happy, go for it.  Look at Mario Batali, those ugly shoes have become his trademark!

The moral of the story — Wear flowers in your hair and crocs on your feet.  But only if it makes you do the happy dance.  Xo A

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