my hair evolution

 popular hairstyles over the years
My hair has gone through many changes over the years.  It has been everything from long to short and from brunette, to blonde, to red, to black, and back to blonde.  I feel that being blonde suits me best — plus I love that bleach thickens up my limp locks.  Going into freshman year of high school I had the typical bob haircut that I had for most of my life.  Then I went for the famous Sliding Doors haircut that Gwyneth Paltrow sported in the movie.  TO THIS DAY that is the shortest my hair has ever been and it’s probably one of my favorite cuts.  Before that I wanted the Meg Ryan French Kiss cut that was popular while I was in middle school.  My hair stylist would have to tell me over and over again that Meg’s hair was much thicker than mine and I need to give up on my French Kiss hairdo dreams.

In college, I went back to the trusty bob which eventually graduated into the angled Victoria Beckham bob of the mid 2000s.  I also tried out the Nicole Richie banged bob which is still a personal favorite.  (I must mention it was during this time that I dyed it platinum, which might not have been the best look but we’ll get to that later!)  Next up came college graduation at which time I grew it out and dyed it black.  I looked a little goth and let’s just say it wasn’t my best moment in Ally hair history — but that happens.  Then came one of God’s greatest inventions… hair extensions!  I took my flat black locks and teased them into June Carter Cash territory — more like Reese Witherspoon in Walk the Line.  After that my color went from black to blonde and that kicked off my Catherine Deneuve Belle du Jour hairstyle*  (Lots of teasing, hairspray, and bleach.)  When it comes to hair and fashion NOTHING is better than the 60s and I will forever dream of having their voluminous hairdos.

So from the late 2000s until now, I’ve gone back and forth between a Catherine Deneuve’s polished hairstyle to the Gisele Bundchen wavy long look which brings us to now… and I’m so bored!  I haven’t done anything drastic in years and it’s time for a change.  A couple of days ago I watched the Tom Ford s/s 2015 show and I saw something remarkable.  GLORIOUS HAIR.  Chunky banged, platinum, rock n’ roll hair.  And I want it — badly.  I have a hair appointment tomorrow so we’ll see if I’m brave enough to chop some of it off.  All I know is that I’m due for a hair change!

What is your favorite hairstyle you’ve had over the years?  I would love to know!  Please tell me in the comments and check back tomorrow to see what I end up doing to my do.



*Into the Gloss did a fab article on how to achieve this Catherine Deneuve hair which you can read here.