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Weekends for me tend to be a restorative time.  Instead of going out and partying, I love a quiet evening at home or dinner with good friends.  Personally, I prefer to work hard and play hard during the week.  My ideal weekend would be used to relax, bake the occasional dessert, and catch up on emails.  This is probably why my beauty posts are on Sunday nights.  Sunday is a day to relax, take a long bubble bath, and get yourself and your skin ready for another crazy week.

No matter what day it is I love my bubble baths and all the lotions or potions that go along with my nightly ritual.  I had heard of Aromatherapy Associates oils but had never tried them until recently.  I was most intrigued by their Essential Travel Oils.  These four little bottles contain award-winning oils that add to your bath or are to be used on your body PRIOR to bathing.  They each create four different and unique spa like experiences, depending on if you need to wake up, relax, or restore.

They also just released a De-stress Bath and Body Oil that promotes healthy circulation and nourishes the skin.  It’s perfect for after a hard workout or if you’re having a stressful day.  Personally, I don’t need any excuse to use these delicious body oils.  Have you tried Aromatherapy Associates?



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