Birkenstocks are back

The epitome of hippie chic is back in style.  Around the 8th grade, the Birkenstock trend rolled into my middle school.  At the time I resisted and stuck with my trusty Dr. Martens.  The funny thing is now I could never see myself wearing a pair of Dr. Martens but I find myself actually liking the Birkenstocks below.  

fashionable Birkenstocks

1 ‘Arizona’ sandals /// 2 ‘Gizeh’ Birko-Flor™ Thong /// 3 ‘Yara’ sandals

I mean if the Olsens can make them look chic, then I must be missing out on something.  Also, while we’re on the subject of ugly footwear, I even found a socially acceptable pair of Crocs.  What’s the world coming to!  

Photos from The Man Repeller, Olsens Anonymous, and Free People