neon and nude

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This dress is instant happiness.  Shortly after finishing these photos a woman stopped me and said, “I love the vibrancy of your dress!”  She didn’t say color, but the vibrancy.  This made me think about my habit of wearing black.  It’s easy, it’s chic, but it is certainly not vibrant.  Perhaps it’s time I add more vibrancy to my wardrobe and this dress is the perfect start.

Style note – While wearing a color this bright, tone down your other accessories.  Let your neon piece speak for itself.

Wearing in Wonderland /// Equipment silk dress, Tory Burch colorblock Sammy crossbody bag, Tory Burch Eclectic sunglasses all provided by CK and Company.  If you’re in the OKC area check out their beautifully curated collection of everything from designer pieces to contemporary classics.