I’ve got my eye on you

Eye at the Joule by Tony Tasset Eye by Tony Tasset at the Joule Hotel

Rebecca Minkoff lace sweatshirt dress

Rebecca Taylor shirtdress

how to layer a shirtdress

Rebecca Taylor shirtdress with layered with her sweatshirt dress

While staying at The Joule in Dallas, you might feel like you’re being watched.  Directly across the street is the permanent home to Tony Tasset’s Eye sculpture.  The giant eyeball gives you the impression of standing watch over the hotel and its patrons.  During #rsthecon I attended the Kate Spade party which happened to be hosted right in front of this impressive piece of art.  While we sipped champagne and admired the beautiful peonies we couldn’t shake the feeling that we were being spied on.  #eyeatthejoule

kate spade dallas party

Now, you may have noticed that I’m wearing glasses.  I rarely do but when taking photos in front of a giant eyeball it seemed too perfect to pass up the opportunity.

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