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the perfect travel outfit | allyson in wonderland

HELMUT Helmut Lang Villous Jersey Jacket with Longchamp bag

HELMUT Helmut Lang Villous Jersey Jacket with leather leggings


This is my typical travel outfit… plus a coat of some kind.  I MUST be covered in layers because I tend to freeze on planes.  They always feel like flying meat lockers!

I know it might be hard to believe that I would travel in leather leggings but these are rather comfortable and I love their lux look. Also if you have plans right after you get off the plane just pack a cute shirt and some heels in your carryon and you’re ready to go.

Even though we just got back from an adventure, the hubs and I are already planning our next trip.  I’ve always dreamed of going to Kyoto and Tokyo and I’ve really enjoyed following Hallie of Coral and Cognacs journey to both.

Where are you planning on going this year?