90s crop tops and Clueless

Ladies, it looks like we’ll all be juice fasting come spring — crop tops are back!  Lately, fashion is pushing a full return to all things 90s with dark lipsticks, high waisted jeans, and now crop tops.  Cher Horowitz would be proud.

I would never have entertained the idea EXCEPT that navy and white striped top and short set (pictured below) is the cutest thing ever.  I want to wear it in Paris in the summertime while bicycling down the Rue.  Also I’m just getting over a cold that caused me to not eat for a week.  I’m sure as soon as my appetite (and waistline) return to normal, I will be saying bye to this whole crop top notion.

But as long as my delusions of grandeur continue, I’ll be eyeing the tops below…

cute crop tops for springClockwise from top left: