I would be lying if I said I had listened to the new Lady Gaga album in its entirety.  I can, however, confirm that I dig the song, “Applause” and enjoy dancing around to it when no one’s looking.  Her art inspired album has made me miss my days of creating art.  I dabbled in painting long ago before life got in the way.  Instead of getting out my brushes I may just try out Stila’s Signature Palette Set and start my artistic journey on my visage.  After all in the morning this face is most certainly a blank canvas.

Here are some other art inspired items that caught my artsy eye…

art inspired gifts

  1. KARL LAGERFELD Karl-print cotton-jersey T-shirt
  2. Let’s Make Some Great Art (perfect stocking stuffer)
  3. MARKUS LUPFER paint brush sequin sweater
  4. Stila Artist’s Signature Palette Set
  5. JouJou – Abstract Painting by Pippin & Pearl
  6. TOM BINNS Splattered Paint Crystal Earrings
  7. Lady Gaga ‘Artpop’