Lulu Frost CODE rings

I adore jewelry that has a story behind it.  I’m elated when someone passes down a piece of jewelry to me.  One of my most cherished pieces is my husband’s wedding ring.  It’s a plain heavy gold band that was worn by my great-great grandfather who was married in 1913.  The inside has his monogram and when we got married my husband added his initials and our wedding date.

Speaking of dates I have quite an affiliation with numbers.  Besides being a typography nerd, my birthday (7-11) is pretty lucky.  The jewelry line Lulu Frost CODE has combined my two loves with these vintage inspired number rings.


The rings were influenced by the design of New York’s iconic Plaza Hotel room numbers.  I’m currently coveting these rings but they are a bit pricy since they are 14k gold and handmade in NYC.  Hubby, if you’re reading this I would LOVE to have our anniversary numbers!  We were married on 4-20, and no that doesn’t mean what you hippies think it does…

Lulu Frost CODE rings are available at Charm & Chain.

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