Mara Hoffman S/S 2014

mara hoffman ss 2014

New York Fashion Week has started and yes, I’m not there.  I am asked all the time why I don’t attend every fashion week and perhaps that is something I’ll talk about in another post.  Until then let’s focus on Mara Hoffman’s new collection!  What I love about this designer is her trademark bold and geometric prints.  I used to be afraid of color and prints. It was probably from looking back at photos of myself in the 80s (hello matching scrunch socks and hideous blinged out denim jackets) that kept me in my mostly monochromatic black looks.

Spring and summer wouldn’t be the same without her designs.  Anytime we go to the beach I’m always on the lookout for a new MH piece to accompany my adventure.  I knew her ‘Pow Wow’ one piece would be perfect for our trip to Miami, and the tasseled sweater below made my first trip to Peru unforgettable…

mara moments

I adore these pieces regardless of the occasion behind wearing them, but also like to think they enhanced those experiences.  For me that’s what fashion is all about — the dream of it all.

Shop these current Mara Hoffman pieces below…

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