Two days in Vegas

As I mentioned in the last post, I was so excited to be going to Vegas with my mom and grandmother.  It was a trip we had been planning for years!  Then the unexpected happened…

My stepfather was rushed to the hospital with chest pains the day before our trip.  Our nonrefundable vacation was going to be canceled.  Then as it looked like he was about to be released, my grandma and I flew out late hoping that my mom would join us.  Sadly, I have to report that she had to stay behind but the good news is my stepdad is home and doing much better.  We will definitely be redoing this trip next year!

So it was just two ladies, with two days in Vegas.  Here’s what we saw…

Autumn at the Palazzo Hotel

Gorgeous “eco-friendly” display (yes that’s an old car covered in flowers) at the Palazzo. 

Chihuly glass at the Bellagio Hotel

Chihuly glass and an over the top autumn display at Bellagio…

Autumn display at the Bellagio

Autumn at the Bellagio Hotel

dior window at Bellagio

A dreamy display at Dior.

Chanel window display at Bellagio

And I HAD to pop into Chanel.Chanel window display at Bellagio

Oui that is me, in my favorite Bailey 44 top!  In tomorrow’s post I’ll talk more about what I wore.