Design your own Ferragamo’s

Remember when I mentioned that I was shopping for a pair of flats?  At the time I had fallen in love with a pair of nude Ferragamo’s, but had to send them back on account of them being too small.  I had almost forgotten about them until I came across this Vogue article explaining that Ferragamo now let’s you customize your own pair!

First some background ~ Salvatore Ferragamo’s daughter, Fiamma Di San Giuliani Ferragamo, designed the Vara shoe in 1978.  They quickly became the company’s most iconic and well known shoe.  Thirty five years later they are revamping these famous heels with I’Icona a celebration and relaunch of the famous shoe, along with the opportunity to design your own pair.  Originally I tried on the Varina (which is a modern take on the Vara’s) and now I don’t know which pair I like better!

Customize your own pair here.

design your own varina or vara by ferragamo

ferragamo vara ladies