Black Optical + the sunglasses search

With my honeymoon coming up, I’ve been planning and packing.  I want the perfect dress, perfect trench, perfect pair of flats and the perfect sunglasses.  Instead of my usual habit of internet shopping at midnight, I thought I might shop in my own backyard.  It turned out I was pleasantly surprised…

When I walked into Black Optical, I was immediately transported to another place.  Frankly, it didn’t feel like I was in Oklahoma anymore.  This store is an example of beautiful products, being curated simply and elegantly.  The clean white walls let the glasses be the star.

sunglass wall

wall of glasses

table with glasses

sunglasses wall

ski glasses

Ally sunglasses

thom browne by dita

{Thom Browne TB-700 by Dita)}

Owner Ryan Bowling was so kind to show my husband and I around, handpicking what he thought would look best on both of us.  The store specializes in styles and brands that can’t be found anywhere else.  They carry designers such as Dita, Barton Perreira, Garret Leight, Mykita, Tom Ford, Mikli, Oliver Peoples, Persol, Oliver Goldsmith, and Saturdays.  It was refreshing to speak to someone who is so passionate about their wares.  On a side note, he is also a foodie who loves to travel and our conversation quickly turned to which restaurants he recommended for our upcoming trip.  Talk about full service!

After being shown around the store, I was dizzy with possibilities!  Luckily, Ryan was kind enough to pull several pairs he thought I might like.

The contenders…

six pairs

I further narrowed the search down to three different pairs.

My sunglass mugshots…

barton glasses

#1 {Barton Perreira ‘Ronette’}

green glasses

#2 {Barton Perreira ‘Ceylon’}

cream glasses#3 {DITA ‘Amant’}

Which pair do you think I should pick?  They’re all so fun and different — I can’t decide!  Let me know in the comments which pair you think would be perfect for my trip to Europe.


Makr Carry Goods glass case


Also, are you looking for the perfect gift?  Black Optical recently collaborated with Makr Carry Goods to produce the eyeglass cases above.  This exclusive case is made in the US and only available in store.  They are the perfect way to protect any beloved pair of shades or eyeglasses.

Many thanks to Ryan Bowling for showing us around the store!  If you’re in Oklahoma City or Tulsa make sure and check out their amazing collection of glasses.