pastel pants, y’all

pastel pants ::: Allyson in Wonderland

My seriously-why-does-it-always-have-to-be-so-windy face…

pastel pants ::: Allyson in Wonderland pastel pants ::: Allyson in Wonderland pastel pants ::: Allyson in Wonderland

SPRING IS HERE!  Or in this case it was here for about 12 hours.  As the warm air made it’s way to Oklahoma, I rushed to my closet to find something happy and bright.   The pants I’m wearing above are the greatest thing ever and you’ll never believe where they are from…

H&M.  Seriously.

I really despise going in that place, but once in a while I will find something.  Usually this is how it goes…

1)  I race in and grab stuff I like while hubby goes and gets in line.  *since it’s always huge
2) Then I join him in line and try on the clothes OVER my clothes.  *I refuse to wait for a dressing room
3)  If I find something we pay and get the heck out of there.

The things we do for fashion!  Ladies grab something spring-like where ever you are and have a happy Easter weekend.

Wearing in Wonderland ~ Zara top, H&M pants, Rebecca Minkoff mini MAC bag, Tiffany bone bracelet, Alexander McQueen skull ring, Christian Louboutin platform ‘Bianca’ heels

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