The ‘real housewife’ of Wonderland

Rent the Runway Herve Leger dress Rent the Runway Herve Leger dress with Dannijo earrings Rent the Runway Dannijo earrings Rent the Runway Herve Leger dress with vintage feather clutch Rent the Runway Herve Leger dress with faux fur

Wedding weekend dilemma, part deux…

First, I blogged about my naughty but nice dress and now it’s time for some straight up naughty.  When I was scanning for dresses on the Rent the Runway website I saw the two words that I knew would make my husband happy… Herve Leger.  Like most men he is a fan of any dress that quote, “accentuates a woman’s body.”  In other words, anything that is skin-tight.  That is perfectly fine BUT it’s just not my thing.  He would love for me to dress like a Kardashian, and I would rather look like an Olsen.  I prefer clothes that are more classic, and leave a little to the imagination.  But I love my hubby and thought I would mix it up a bit.

I got a spray tan.
I wore heavy eye makeup.
I wore a skintight dress.
I felt like a member of Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise.

The husband was thrilled and I, well, honestly I felt a little naked.  Although, I must admit it was fun to step out of my comfort zone.  Also it must be said that Herve Leger designs a beautifully well-made dress.  It holds you in like a pair of Spanx and is shockingly comfortable.  As for jewelry, my sparkly Dannijo earrings were a party waiting to happen.  Seriously, I want to take them to Vegas!

Rent the Runway was such a lifesaver when it came to finding two dreamy dresses in a hurry.  Sending them back was just as easy with the provided pre-paid return envelope.  I will definitely be using their services again!  Now that I think about it I do have another wedding coming up next month.

Wearing in Wonderland ~ Herve Leger ‘Peruvian night’ dress (and what do you know my husband happens to be Peruvian), Dannijo ‘Cecile’ earrings, vintage feather clutch, Tucker faux fur jacket, Christian Louboutin ‘Bianca’ platform heels

*Dress and earrings provided by Rent the Runway.  Opinions are my own.