I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that

I would do anything for fashion, but I won’t do overalls.  I’m not a farmer.

On that note, there are certain trends I’m just not into.  I try to cover everything fashion has to offer, even though it might not be my cup of tea.  For example, I have a very vocal hatred of floral denim which I have discussed in this past post

Another trend I was not mentally prepared for popped up the other day…


I just… can’t.

I came across this over at WhoWhatWear.com and was not pleased.  When I think of denim vests, I think of the early 90s.  Not in a happy nostalgic way, more in a what were we thinking way.  I remember wearing them over my babydoll dresses.  Yeah, remember those??  Mine had sunflowers on it, because everything back then had to be covered in sunflowers.  These memories have dashed any chance for denim vests or jackets in my future.  Like I said yesterday, I’m a picky denim connoisseur!

This brings my fashion nonnegotiable list to the following four items:  floral pants, denim vest, denim jackets, and overalls.

What will you not do for fashion?  Let me know your least favorite trends in the comments!