Peru…the food!

The fun part about any trip is taking a vacation from your diet.  And since Peruvian food is the hot new trend among foodies, I felt compeled to try out everything!

Here are a few of my favorites…

peruvian cuisine

Starting at the top left clockwise~

Empanata from Don Mamino
The best fish ever ~ Crunchy seabass with ghee and lemon verbena, Central Restaurant.
The triple sandwich (el “treep-lay”) is a Peruvian classic.  It’s made with three layers of white bread, with avocado between one layer, and egg, mayo, and tomatoes in the other.  Comfort food at its best.  (Don Mamino)
Shrimp and crab filled black ravioli at Los Bachiche.
Classic ceviche with Peruvian corn and a sweet potato at Jose Antonio.
Calamari, fried shrimp, and scallops with parmesan from Jose Antonio.

Unfortunately, the Lima traffic has become unbearable which made traveling from the city to beach house awful.  Here’s a video I took while we were on the highway.  Notice how no one seems to stay in their own lanes!  (More on that later.)  Also, the famous Dakar race (I had to google it) was taking place in Lima so that added to the craziness.  I guess this just means we’ll have to go back!