nautical stripes and white walls

Bridget Bardot on the beach

After the hellish journey to Peru, it was of no surprise to me when my poor husband came down with the flu.  With all the lack of sleep and stress from our crazy trip, I’m sure all of our immune systems were a little down.  I even felt sick for a bit!  Because of this we have been spending most our time laying around the house reading and napping.  I’m taking this time to do some drawing and read Grace Coddington’s memoir.
Now that everyone is feeling better we will start traveling into Lima to eat and shop.  The beach house is located 45 minutes outside the city so there’s a lot of driving.  But for the time being, I’m being inspired by the white Greek style homes in their beach community.  The white walls against my stripe shirt make me dream of being in Greece or St Tropez like the famous Bridget Bardot.
Get the look…