Leaving Peru

We arrived home from Perú this past weekend after another hellish series of flights. Thank you American Airlines for canceling our flight home for NO reason!  Ooh AA you’re not off the hook yet, more complains to follow, but now let’s focus on the trip.

Here are some of the last shots of our trip…

reading nookGoodbye reading nook! (My favorite spot in the house.)

leaving the beachA quick look of the pool at the clubhouse, while we were leaving the house.

dust devilA dust devil followed us to Lima.

amazing billboardEvery summer companies erect huge and elaborate billboards to get the attention of everyone heading to the beach.  I can’t explain to you how huge this sign was.

cool church

Loved the design of this church.

slums in Peru

Sadly, there are many slums outside Lima.

Miraflores, Lima

One of the prettiest areas in Lima, Miraflores.

pisco wall

And one last drink before we go at Brujas de Cachiche.  This restaurant has a large collection of different kinds of piscos, as seen here.

Ciao, Peru see you next time!