a little holiday cheer ~ window display edition

Stores this time of year make all kinds of attempts to get you in the shopping spirit.  Most of the major department stores around the world work year round to come up with the perfect window display.  Harvey Nichols even employs set designers to attain the perfect display!  Below are my favorites…

Bergdorf Goodman in New York City showcased a return to the Jazz Age, with plenty of fringe and sequins.
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Agent Provocateur display tells Santa “I can explain” after some very naughty behavior.



Harvey Nichols in London features one of the best window display in the world.  This Christmas the store was inspired by Eastern trends that were shown on the fall runways.

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Harrods in London went with a fairy tail theme featuring princesses, Rapunzel, and Cinderella.
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I wish I could have seen these in person.  Next year I’m thinking Christmas in NYC — a girl can dream, right?

(Photos from VanityFair.com)

  • I saw most of these in person as I went to both NYC and London for Christmas! (I’m a lucky gal’) They were absolutly magnificent!! I especially loved the Harrods Princesses because I remember them from my childhood but they are dress in beautiful coture dresses. I would be honured if you would check out my blog, I’m not asking for a follow just a quick peek at it haha 😉
    Ally xoxox

    • Ally

      I will check it out! You are such a lucky lady, I wish I would have seen them in person 🙂