Decor Dilemma

Wonderland has always been about fashion.  I never wanted to be a “lifestyle” blogger.  I always felt like, “what do I know about such things?”   I know clothes, I know art, but I don’t know a thing about cooking or decor.  I’ve always loved mid-century modern design (for example, I will take all of this please!)  Now that I’m married we’re trying to mesh our styles; he likes modern/contemporary and I like modern/mid-century with a tiny sprinkle of traditional.  But no floral patterns anywhere… ever!  So with this in mind, Wonderland must change.  I created Wonderland as a place to connect with other fashion people like myself.  As I get older (gross) I want to create a home for my family, and we know it better be a stylish one!

Sooooo, remember this post last week?

Well, we ordered this “grey” rug and now I just don’t know what to do… 

Is it too dark?  Is it BIG enough?

It’s not a true grey — it’s black and white threads.  A little too zebra-like for my taste.

Should we go lighter?  I still love the look of this sheepskin rug.  And don’t you love our new Jonathan Alder ‘Nixon’ blanket?  It’s so cozy and made it Peru (so hubby approves).

And no I’m not posing Roxy.  This corner of the sectional is her new perch.  Notice how the blanket doesn’t match our new decor.  Well it’s her blanket and it goes where she goes!

My new favorite addition is this hide and horn stool from Sara Kate Studios.  It’s a bit rustic but I love the texture of the hide and color of the horns looks perfect with our black and white motif.

So this is where you come in…

PLEASE help me decide about the rug.  Should it stay or should it go?  Do I go with a lighter color?  Should I go with a pattern?  Should I go with more of a flat rug instead of a shag?  Thank you for your help!

  • I LOVE shags! I think it works. Like the white too. I think you can add some pops of color with adding just fuschia pillow per corner of the sectional. Tom DOES rock. Leave him there, add a purple orchid on the fab table, in some great container. If you want to have another grouping of tables on the top of the table too, do that with another color on top. Looks GREAT! Love it all!!!

  • OK, is it possible to move your sofa out just a bit? The placement is really the only thing that I am struck by! And modern/mid-century is my fave too! I’d like to see a vignette/ stacks of colorful art and fashion books on the table 🙂

  • Diana

    I saw this on FB today and it seems appropriate for this situation. “If you can’t decide, flip a coin. You’ll know what you want to do when it’s in the air.” Seems true enough to me. My personal opinion is that it’s too expensive for you not to love it! It doesn’t look like a Zebra from a far but you’re the one who will be looking at it everyday, you know? And I LOVE the blanket. PS – i like how you let Roxy be Roxy and don’t try to change her decorating style to match yours. that’s a good mommy! lol.

  • I love what you have done. I am such a fan of mid-century. I am wondering if it should be bigger and darker…. Or do a larger thin solid carpet with the lambskin over it under the coffee table? Just ideas… looks fab. Kisses to Roxy from Izzy and Tink 🙂

  • Ashley

    Hi friend, I have looked endlessly for that stool and no such luck. Will you let me know if it is on her website and I am missing it. Or let me know how to get in touch with her. Thanks doll

    • Ally

      I hate to admit it, but I think it was the only one 🙁 I’m sorry! If I find anything similar I will let you know!

  • Carissa

    I like the black and white rug! But a massive white sheepskin or cowhide would look great too! And who is your sectional by? I love!!!!