Why I blog – A letter from the editor

As I’ve gotten to know many other bloggers, I’ve been amazed by their stories.  Stories of heartache, sadness, and tragedy have inspired so many people to start their own blogs.  Here is why I started mine…

I started Wonderland WAY back in ’09 as an ode to a ridiculous expensive Missoni gold shirt/dress/jacket belted thing that I was obsessed with and felt would change my life.  (It didn’t and I took it back.)  At this time I was going through a dark period.  A long term relationship was ending, and I was in my late 20s and hadn’t been single since I was 16.  I felt alone and depressed.  Even though I was surrounded by wonderful friends and family I felt completely lost.

This blog would become my outlet.  In the beginning I didn’t even tell anyone I was blogging — it was my secret.  I’ve always been an extremely private person so it was weird for me to put myself out there.  For years I was a very unhappy person, (which is hard to imagine if you meet me now because I can be a bit bubbly) I was unhappy about the way I looked and the way I felt.  Instead of making changes, I just hid.  I went from being outgoing, to never going out.  I was constantly angry with the world and everyone one around me.  And one day, I decided to change.

I began to secretly blog about the one thing I knew would make me happy… fashion!  From a very young age I had a love affair with fashion.  This blog would literally become my own Wonderland.  I could discuss my favorite trends and connect with others who identified with me.  That being said it wasn’t always perfect, and Wonderland was dark when I was dark.  It has given me the opportunity to look back on some of the ups and downs in my life.  Nevertheless, the blog slowly began to grow and so did I.  I was no longer hiding myself — I joined on Facebook and started reconnecting and reaching out to old and new friends.  I met and fell in love with my amazing husband.  I began to feel pure joy again instead of constant darkness.

To someone just looking at my site they probably wouldn’t view these posts as dark or unhappy times.  Still being innately private, I tend to hide what was going on in song lyrics, pictures or inside jokes.  The further I get in the blogging world the more I realize that I am really doing myself and my readers a disservice.  Your time is valuable and I’m not going to waste it always talking about the latest insanely expensive shoe.  I will be making some changes around here.  My goal is to make Wonderland a more personal experience.  I know when I’m reading a blog, I love to connect with that person and get to know them. Now it’s time for me to do the same.

Thank you for following me and cheering me along the way!

xo Ally


Some little fun facts about me…

~This blog is named after my nickname as a child and for my happy place I call “Wonderland.”

~ Most people call me Ally and spell it many different ways and they all work.  But legally my name is Allison with an “I”

~ I just turned 31 and even though saying that out loud makes me feel REALLY old, I actually feel the best I ever have, mentally and physically.

I’m a true “Cancer” and although I do not believe in astrology, I COMPLETELY fit the description.  Well, everything except for the hording money part… that part not so much. There are too many perfect shoes that need a home!

~ I shop every single day but do not buy everything.

~ My first trip to Neiman Marcus was at 2 months old and it will always be my mecca.

~ I grow ridiculously attached to inanimate objects.  My hoarding isn’t that bad, unless it has sentimental value.

~ I cry easily, so much that husband often says the phrase, “you can’t seriously be crying!” and then begs me to stop because he’s a gentlemen and it hurts his heart.

~ I can justify buying a $2k bag but it is very difficult for me to buy candles because they just burn out.  Bags can be used over and over — candles can not.

~  I always prefer to leave things open-ended and without closure.  This is why I constantly use  I hate finality!

~ Despite what this post might lead you to believe, I do not like being the center of attention and/or talking about myself.  My last birthday party led to a mini melt down beforehand because I felt nervous.

I think you know enough about me so now do me a favor and share something personal with me in the comments section so that I don’t feel like a freak.  SHARING MEANS CARING PEOPLE!