“That’s why her hair is so big, it’s full of secrets”

Over the years my hair has been black, brown, red, blonde, platinum (not my best look) and brown with blonde highlights.  For the past 5+ years I’ve been the same blonde/dark blonde shade and let’s face it… I’m bored.  After years of experimenting I found a complimentary color combination and stuck with it.  I like being blonde because I think it highlights my face — dark hair can make me look extremely pale.  Another thing about being blonde is that bleach damages my hair in a good way.  I have very thin hair so if it’s a little damaged, it gives my hair texture which in turn gives my hair volume.  When I had platinum hair I looked ridiculous, but let me say that was the thickest my hair has ever been!

When embarking on a new makeover I always consult my hair icons…

Audrey Hepburn via Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Dark hair with small blonde streaks, usually pinned up with lots of volume.  Classic, refined, and the color makes it modern.

Brigette Bardot —  sex kitten, big haired beauty.

Mrs. Robinson a/k/a actress Anne Bancroft

All over dark brown color with exaggerated blonde streaks framing her face.  Even when she was older she kept this trademark look, and instead of blonde she let the front streaks go grey.  Tres chic!

Catherine Deneuve — blonde beauty, French femme fatale.

She is queen of the big hair!  In her early films and even later ones she is always seen sporting a big and beautiful blonde mane.

Daphne Guinness; beer heir and fashion godess.

I completely idolize this woman — from her skunk-streaked hair to her outlandish outfits, she is always doing her own thing and making it glamorous.


So all my icons have big hair with some kind of blonde coloring.

Here’s what I came up with…


Soooooo what do you think?  Too much or just enough?
Oh, and let me know if you know what the title quote is from…