“go outside”

It was one of those perfect days where the air has some crispness to it.  All I wanted was to spend it outside.  Driving involved having the windows down blasting my favorite songs.  As summer slips away I finally want to enjoy the outdoors, instead of running from one A/C controlled building to another.  The dreaminess of this day reminded me of the movie The Virgin Suicides — those poor girls trapped in their house when all they wanted to do is go outside.

This outfit to me screams, “let’s go out, drink, and be merry.”  The pearl collar makes it proper, but the leather pants are pure rock and roll.  You’ll be seeing both in posts to come. I’m in love…

Wearing in WonderlandASOS pearl collar necklace, ASOS extreme tank, Zara leather leggings, Zara high heels, H&M ring, J.Crew ‘Edie’ bag

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Lyrics and title ~ “Go Outside” by Cults