the perfect structured handbag

I dream of myself as a 60s girl.

I dream that my hair is as high and as blonde as Catherine Deneuve.

I dream that I live in little fitted shift dresses.

I dream that I carry the perfect bag.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis getting off a plane with a stylish structured bag

Tippi Hedren in Alfred Hitchcock’s, “The Birds”

Grace Kelly with her Hermes ‘Kelly’ bag

Catherine Deneuve in ‘Belle de Jour’ wearing head to toe YSL

I think J.Crew may have made those dreams come true.  I have been eyeing the ‘Edie’ bag for a while now, ever since discovering it a couple months ago.  After a weekend watching old movies filled with small structured handbags I now have my heart set on owning an ‘Edie.’

J.Crew ‘Edie’ bag – $198

This perfect little bag is completely classic.  I may get bored with it eventually, but I know I will find myself returning to this timeless treasure.  The only problem now is what color?  I’m leaning towards the bright yellow.

Best of all, this bag is an extra 30% off (making it $138) until Tuesday at midnight.

Do you love the ‘Edie’ bag too, or do you prefer a larger bag?