Rachel Zoe’s new jewels

I have always found Rachel Zoe to be a fascinating individual since first hearing about her in 2006.  Back then she was known as THE celebrity stylist, and some negative gossip items that I won’t touch upon.  No matter what was said about her I always liked the way she dressed.  Truth be told its a little to baggy for my taste, but she always had the best accessories.  Vintage pieces that I would give an arm and a leg for!

Luckily for me she has taken her vintage jewels as inspiration for her own jewelry line.  And let me tell you I want absolutely every single piece! 

Tassels everywhere (you all know how I LOVE tassels) and deco details, this line would be a vintage lovers dream!  The collection is available for pre-order at Neiman Marcus right now.

 Ladies I would love to know what you think!

Do you love it or has it been done — please dish it out in the comments.