le obsession de Givenchy

This is one of those posts where you’re thinking, “oh great, she’s going to yap about a pair of overpriced shoes.”  And guess what, I am!

Givenchy has created the IT boot for fall.  Can I have every color? 

pic from thefashionwritress.com

Even that chick your boyfriend/husband/coworker has been drooling over is wearing them in Vogue…

Kate Upton minus her GQ bikini via July 2012 Vogue

These fall these boots are going to be everywhere.  Actually, they already are and I want to participate in the pandemonium, too!  Here are the boots in all of their glory…

Givenchy black leather shark tooth boots – $1695

There are several features that make these boots irresistible in my eyes, so please indulge me…

1)  They are wedges – That means I can stroll around all day in complete comfort and chicness.

2)  Interesting and unusual design –  You’re not going to see these babies at Target.  Plus being so chunky they will make my thighs look TINY!  That right there is worth 2k.

3)  Sharks tooth – Yes, I said sharks tooth.  Look closely, that hook isn’t a hook at all.  It’s a mighty silver-tone metal shark tooth shaped turn-lock.  (I just stole that description from SSENSE.com by the way.)

So with all that delusional reasoning, I think Ricardo should totally buy me a pair — don’t you?  Who needs a living room couch? I’ll sit on a fabulous fuzzy bean bag with my feet up to show off my new boots!!!

Instead a of couch how about a fuzzy bean bag via Potterybarn Teen

Ladies, do you love them or is it just me?