goddess dress take two

Remember this post about finding a goddess dress?  Well, I did and I bought it.  Then I managed to ruin it during the first 5 minutes of wearing it!

While in a cab on our way to dinner in Cozumel, I realized the seat I was sitting in was wet (it had been raining) so I gracefully moved to the back of the van while we were still moving.  Then we hit a bump, and I fell and stepped all over my dress.  While I was doing the let me catch myself dance I smeared mud/oil all along the bottom of my new Rachel Pally dress.  This was within the first few minutes of wearing the dress!

As soon as I got home, I took it straight to the cleaners and after 5 attempts the stain was removed!  As I mentioned this past weekend, the husband and I went to Dallas for furniture shopping/vacation/my birthday trip.  I knew this trip would be the perfect opportunity for me to wear the goddess dress again — minus the mud stains.  After a delicious meal at Abacus and plenty (too much) of wine, the only photo I got of my dress was from my iphone.  At least I didn’t harm the dress this time.

Oh and by the way my hair is much darker now.

Wearing in Wonderland – Rachel Pally dress, Oscar de la Renta necklace, Karen Walker number six sunglasses, Rebecca Minkoff bag worn as a clutch.