Cozumel in pictures


Our trip to Cozumel had a rough start.  After receiving a 2:30 am automated phone message that our plane was going to be delayed by several hours (that would have caused us to miss our connecting flight) my husband and fam woke up and drove 3+ hours from Oklahoma City to Dallas at 3 something in the morning.

After a messy start we happily made it to the beach.

Love the hammock on our balcony.

All I need is a good drink and a good book.  In this case, a mojito and Let’s Prentend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson.

So far it’s hysterical.

A stormy day at sea.

A flower in my hair.

A delicious chocolate souffle from La Cocay, which is probably the best restaurant on the island.

Lovely lime daiquiri.

Beach time is happy time.

Some shrimp on my own little barbie at Pancho’s Backyard.

So far we’re having a wonderful trip!  I’ll post more pictures once I get home.  Have you been to Cozumel?