Mother’s Day

Checkout that fabulous ruffled top!

This is me saying, “I’m soooo going to steal that coat someday.”  (here’s the proof)

From the beginning, my Mom and I were extremely close.  Both being only children from a very small family also sealed our bond.

She can be the one to thank (or blame — haha) for my love of fashion.  Even as an infant, she and my grandmother would take me on shopping trips.  Every year we would go to Dallas or Houston before school started and over spring break.  I remember them not just for the clothes but for the happy memories we made together.  I have always loved and looked forward to our “girl” trips.

My mother taught me the history of fashion and how to appreciate the construction of a well-made garment.  She is an amazing seamstress and has often helped me create any design I can dream of.

She also has a wonderful ear for music and was teaching me at a young age to love everything from classical to Led Zeppelin.  She and I are very alike, in that we are both kind of random souls who appreciate a wide range of things.  It might make us weird but we don’t care!

My mother has always dropped everything for me and made me her number one priority.  I couldn’t ask for a better mommy.  This post is in honor of her and all of the extraordinary mothers out there.

Happy Mother’s Day.

On our last girl trip, this past February to New York Fashion Week!