If you’re on twitter and follow anyone who works in fashion, chances are you will have come across the hashtag above…

I have had my share of #fashiongirlproblems; from MAC no longer makes my favorite lipstick, to should I cut bangs or not.  But today’s #fashiongirlproblems is a doozy.  With spikes and studs coming back into fashion, us so-called, “fashionable people” are loving the chance to look like post-punk/emo kids.  I include myself in that list.

Soooo, yesterday when a co-worker asked who keyed my car, I flew out of my office in a panic!  I didn’t have any enemies, did I?  After I noticed how close the scratch was to my door handle I had a thought…

Pretty sure I “keyed” my own car.  I am my own worst enemy.

Have you had a #fashiongirlproblem?  Please let me know so I can feel better about myself.