Are you ready to party?

Blogging for me is a battle of transparency.
How much does one reveal?
How much should be kept private?

I’ve always been a private person but that part of me has changed since I started this blog.  That’s why blogging is so scary — you’re constantly putting everything out there for all to see!  In our technologically advanced world, almost nothing is hidden and because of that I don’t mind throwing out my love of fashion occasionally.  Alright, alright, I proclaim it DAILY!  Sometimes I also mention changes in my life and there has been one I’m a little excited about.

I’ve always loved a good party and there is definitely an art to throwing the perfect one.  On that note, I’m very excited to announce that I’ve started doing social media for the fabulous event planning company Eventures Inc.  I can’t wait to be inspired by their beautiful creations and I hope I can add to it in my own way.  If you’ve been wondering why I don’t post as much, or why I seem a little quiet on twitter, now you know I’m happily doing double duty.

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Some of their amazing work in action…

eventures collage

 Are you ready to party?  I am!